Flappy Bird Online: Free Games Make Favorite Even Harder

Flappy Bird Online proves it is impossible to kill a good game, even if the creator decides to remove the game from app stores to help gamers stop playing the game.

Even though the Flappy Bird game is gone, there are at least three different Flappy Bird online games that let users play Flappy Bird without paying for one of the now removed Flappy Bird iPhones on eBay.  It’s possible to still play Flappy Bird online on an iPhone or Android, but there are also several options that are only available to play on a computer as a Flappy Bird Flash game.

Watch the Flappy Bird Online Video below to see these three options in action, including Flappy Bird flash and Flappy Bird impossible.

Unlike the regular game there are no Flappy Bird online cheats or hacks. Quite the opposite, there is actually a mode to make Flappy Bird harder.

Flappy Bird Online for iPhone or Android

We shared a Flappy Bird online game yesterday that allows gamers to play Flappy Bird on the iPhone or Android with an HTML5 app that runs on pretty much any device. This is the best option for playing Flappy Bird online on an iPhone, iPad or Android device without the app installed. Short of finding a Flappy Bird hack that lets them install the game on an jailbroken iPhone, this is the best way to play on an iOS device. Android users can also get in on the fun, but they can also search for a FlappyBird.apk to install it outside of the Google Play store.

Flappy Bird Flash – As Close as it Gets

Flappy Bird Flash is as close as it gets the experience of Flappy Bird. This free Flappy Bird flash game is available on Kongregate with a very similar gameplay and portrait orientation screen that looks like an iPhone. Because this is Flash based you cannot play it on the iPhone or iPad. Instead the best way to play Flappy Bird Flash is to use a computer where you control the bird with mouse clicks or presses of the space bar. A laptop touchpad makes it about the same as playing on a screen. The bird in many versions falls at a weird rate, but Flappy Bird Flash is spot on in timing and difficulty.

Flappy Bird Online – Harder Edition

If Flappy Bird on iPhone or Android is too easy for your skilled taps, check out the Flappy Bird Online offering from Plonga which offers an Impossible version that makes Flappy Bird even harder with a faster pace, smaller openings and enhanced gravity. Somehow this harder Flappy Bird game is more addictive than the original.