Kid Cudi releases surprise album, 'Satellite Flight'

Offering just a few hours' notice, Kid Cudi surprised fans by issuing a new album at midnight.
Late Monday, the alt-rapper began dropping hints via Twitter that his latest, “Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon,” would soon arrive.
Keeping with his trippy, outer-space motifs, Cudi told his followers (or “fellow galaxy travelers”) that “Tickets to Copernicus Landing will be available for purchase via iTunes in the next 2 hours.” “Copernicus Landing,” is one of the 10 tracks featured on the new album.
“Time to make the world stand still,” the rapper tweeted before issuing a one-hour warning and finally calling his travelers to “board” with a link to purchase the album on iTunes.
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Sound familiar? Cudi joins a growing list of artists tightening the gap between pre-album hype and release.
Jay Z used a commercial during the NBA finals last year to give fans a two-week notice that he was dropping “Magna Carta Holy Grail” for free via Samsung smartphones. Kanye West tweeted a cryptic date for what turned out to be “Yeezus.” The oft-polarizing rapper then drummed up a ton of pre-album hype.
And barely two weeks will pass between the time Pharrell casually announced his first record in nearly eight years and when fans will be able to purchase it.
Cudi’s move also calls to mind BeyoncĂ©’s game-changing stunt when she stealthily unleashed a 14-track/17-video opus at the tail end of 2013.
But unlike Bey, Cudi didn’t keep fans completely in the dark about his project.
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The rapper had been prepping the album since wrapping a tour in support of last year’s “Indicud.” While touring, he announced that “Satellite Flight” would be an EP prelude to the forthcoming third installment of his “Man on the Moon” series.
By late January, the EP had morphed into a full-length album, and Cudi announced it would be released in February (“thats what u get for being so patient w me. Ur gonna love it,” he tweeted last month).
“Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon” is currently available only through digital retailers and for the next week can be purchased only in its entirety.
A physical copy is expected to contain extra tracks. No release date for the physical copy has been announced, but Cudi pointed out that “Satellite Flight’s” release date was originally listed on iTunes as April 29, "but that's a glitch. Or is it," he tweeted with a wink.,0,6617044.story#axzz2uPKJgG6p

20 years later, Intersport still cashing in on Nancy Kerrigan clip

Charlie Besser is still getting more than he bargained for from Jan. 6, 1994.

That was the day a production team for his Chicago-based sports and entertainment company, Intersport, was tagging along with figure skating gold medal hopeful Nancy Kerrigan during a practice session at Detroit's Cobo Arena to gather some extra footage for a TV special it was putting together for ABC Sports.

What it got would immediately become one of the most infamous images in Olympic history.

Intersport's cameraman was the only one rolling when Ms. Kerrigan was suddenly attacked by a man wielding a police baton, capturing the moments of the skater on the ground and receiving medical attention.

The exclusive video's value was obvious, and Mr. Besser acted swiftly.

He told the producers to embed the Intersport logo on the clip. Then he picked up the phone, triggering what would become a bidding war for the five to 10 minutes of footage.

After calling outlets like Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight to establish a fair asking price, Mr. Besser chose to give first rights to ABC News for about 60 percent of the value of other bids, since the assignment had come from ABC in the first place.

But that was only the start of what has become a continuing source of revenue for the company. It is still getting requests to license the footage 20 years later.

"When Tonya Harding gets married, we get calls. When Nancy Kerrigan gets married, we get calls. When somebody has a baby or gets divorced in that group, we get calls," said Mr. Besser, who founded Intersport in 1985. "It's kind of crazy, but it just keeps going."

Intersport has netted seven figures in revenue over the years from licensing the video clip hundreds of times on TV and the Web.

More than a dozen requests rolled in over the months leading up to the current Olympic Games in Sochi. ESPN and NBC Sports both licensed the footage for recent documentaries on the incident.

Fees vary, depending on how an outlet wants to use the video, but typically start at between $10,000 and $15,000 per use, or $250 per second, for using it over a one-year period.


That's a relative drop in the bucket for a company whose annual revenue is north of $100 million, but Intersport has vigilantly protected the video, as social media has expanded.

"It is constant checking and supervision," said Mr. Besser, adding that Intersport has had to make some calls to unlicensed users but has never sued anybody over it. "Everybody knows who owns it now, so there are very few excuses."

Today, Intersport is known primarily for staging and selling sponsorships for sporting events like the TD Ameritrade College Home Run Derby, and the State Farm College Slam Dunk and 3-Point Championships during the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Most recently, it added the Hockey City Classic, an outdoor college hockey event that debuted at Soldier Field last year and that the company intends to bring back to Chicago in 2015.

Those large events, combined with nearly 1,500 smaller ones each year, make up about half of its business. The company also runs a sports sponsorship consulting service and a growing online entertainment news hub,

But two decades after the fact, the Kerrigan video still shows up on the Intersport ledger, and the company continues to be crafty in making sure user licenses expire short of key anniversary dates, a move to keep fresh requests coming in.

All currently active licenses, for example, expire before the 25th anniversary of the incident, when Mr. Besser says Intersport will "do the ultimate digging back into the story" through a documentary "and then put it to rest forever."

Or maybe, he says with a smile, just until the next round of requests start pouring in at the 30-year mark.

Neo Samsung Galaxy Y ( GT - S5312 ) , Galaxy Variants Cheapest

Samsung would be a great name many reasons to choose a device made ​​by Korean vendors use this as a phone . Realizing this , Samsung also seems to try to provide a lot of enhancements for all levels of user segments .
The newest Handphone Samsung smartphones even bring to class beginner who just wants to try the Android system with a relatively very affordable price for a branded Android smartphone via Y Neo also known as Pocket Neo in several other countries . Then how is it worth to be owned cell phone ?
Small , chubby and plastic makes the phone look like a toy cell phone , kid , though of course not .
Looks red thread on Neo Y design that connects to the design of the Galaxy series later present as S4 , S4 Mini , Mega Core and others . Only the home button on the side of the face appear larger due to the effect of the proportion between the size of the keys and the body of the phone ..
Flanking the home button , there are 2 buttons are capacitive menu and back in the bottom of the screen . While the power / lock and volume control located on the side bersebrangan , right and left edges of the phone body .
MicroUSB port that serves as a gateway connecting the charger and the data kebel toward computers were placed in the lower side audio port jacks inhabit the upper side . thats it and this is harga handphone samsung

Flappy Bird Online: Free Games Make Favorite Even Harder

Flappy Bird Online proves it is impossible to kill a good game, even if the creator decides to remove the game from app stores to help gamers stop playing the game.

Even though the Flappy Bird game is gone, there are at least three different Flappy Bird online games that let users play Flappy Bird without paying for one of the now removed Flappy Bird iPhones on eBay.  It’s possible to still play Flappy Bird online on an iPhone or Android, but there are also several options that are only available to play on a computer as a Flappy Bird Flash game.

Watch the Flappy Bird Online Video below to see these three options in action, including Flappy Bird flash and Flappy Bird impossible.

Unlike the regular game there are no Flappy Bird online cheats or hacks. Quite the opposite, there is actually a mode to make Flappy Bird harder.

Flappy Bird Online for iPhone or Android

We shared a Flappy Bird online game yesterday that allows gamers to play Flappy Bird on the iPhone or Android with an HTML5 app that runs on pretty much any device. This is the best option for playing Flappy Bird online on an iPhone, iPad or Android device without the app installed. Short of finding a Flappy Bird hack that lets them install the game on an jailbroken iPhone, this is the best way to play on an iOS device. Android users can also get in on the fun, but they can also search for a FlappyBird.apk to install it outside of the Google Play store.

Flappy Bird Flash – As Close as it Gets

Flappy Bird Flash is as close as it gets the experience of Flappy Bird. This free Flappy Bird flash game is available on Kongregate with a very similar gameplay and portrait orientation screen that looks like an iPhone. Because this is Flash based you cannot play it on the iPhone or iPad. Instead the best way to play Flappy Bird Flash is to use a computer where you control the bird with mouse clicks or presses of the space bar. A laptop touchpad makes it about the same as playing on a screen. The bird in many versions falls at a weird rate, but Flappy Bird Flash is spot on in timing and difficulty.

Flappy Bird Online – Harder Edition

If Flappy Bird on iPhone or Android is too easy for your skilled taps, check out the Flappy Bird Online offering from Plonga which offers an Impossible version that makes Flappy Bird even harder with a faster pace, smaller openings and enhanced gravity. Somehow this harder Flappy Bird game is more addictive than the original.!vm9kS

Bruce Jenner ‘Finding Himself’ Amid Sex Change Surgery Reports

Ever since news broke that Bruce Jenner sought plastic surgery to shave down his Adam’s apple, rumors have been swirling that he is gearing up for a sex change. However, sources tell EXCLUSIVELY that Bruce wants people to ‘mind their own business!’
Bruce Jenner, 62, stepped out on Feb. 10 with a noticeably smoother neck following the laryngeal shave he underwent because he “didn’t like its appearance,” according to While we can’t account for or confirm the reason for Bruce’s noticeably more feminized appearance — including what looks like hair plugs to go along with a new ombre ‘do — can EXCLUSIVELY report that Bruce wants people to “mind their own business” on the subject of his rumored sex change.

Bruce Jenner Wants People To ‘Mind Their Own Business’ Amid Rumors Of A Sex Change

On a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bruce and Kris Jenner told their children they were separating — and they took it about as well as you might imagine. Now, ever since the split, Bruce has been facing some major issues.

“[Bruce is] going through a tough time, with the divorce and everything else,” a source tells exclusively.

That’s an understatement! However, the source added that some of this might be for the better — since he’s had some time to himself, Bruce is finally taking the opportunity to figure out who he really is.

“For sure [Bruce] is finding himself right now,” the source continues. ”That’s all he has to say when he’s asked.”

Bruce Jenner Is ‘Finding Himself’
We can totally understand Bruce wanting people to “mind their own business” — these reports, combined with his more feminized appearance, must be so confusing for his ten — yes, TEN, count ‘em — children! However, the evidence has become pretty compelling, and we’re sure that his family would want him to live his best and most honest life.

What do you think about Bruce “finding himself,” HollywoodLifers? Is Bruce looking to become a woman? Do you think that the Kardashians would want him to be honest and directly admit — or deny — these claims? Be sure to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Famed former child actress Shirley Temple dies

(CNN) -- Shirley Temple Black, who rose to fame as arguably the most popular child star in Hollywood history, died late Monday night, her publicist said.
She was 85.
Temple Black, who also enjoyed a long career as a diplomat, died of natural causes at her Woodside, California, home. She was surrounded by family and caregivers, a statement from Cheryl Kagan said.
She began acting at age 3 and became a massive box-office draw before turning 10, commanding a then-unheard of salary of $50,000 per movie.
Her first film of notice was in 1932 when she played in "War Babies," part of the "Baby Burlesks" series of short films.

For about 18 years, she sang, tap-danced and acted her way into the hearts of millions. Her corkscrew curls were popular with little girls from the 1930s through the 1970s.
Early years
Her star shone brightest as a toddler, and 20th Century Fox cranked out a series of feature films with the adorable, talented little girl. Her hits included "Little Miss Marker" (1934), "Curly Top" (1935) and "The Littlest Rebel" (1935).
At the box office, she beat out the great adult stars of her day, such as Clark Gable and Bing Crosby. Her popularity spawned a large array of merchandizing items, such as dolls, hats and dresses.
She was the top box-office star four years in a row, from 1935 to 1938. Her career was at its peak as the country was suffering the effects of the Great Depression, and her films offered uplifting moments.
But as she got older, the pace of movies slowed, and by 1939, her popularity was fading. She and 20th Century Fox terminated her contract early in 1940, just before she reached her teenage years.

U.S. diplomat
She retired from filmmaking at 22 and married Charles Black, changing her last name from Temple to Temple Black.
But she did not fade from the public eye.
She embarked on a new career as a foreign diplomat: She served in the U.S. delegation to the United Nations from 1969 to 1974 was U.S. ambassador to Ghana from 1974 to 1976, and U.S. ambassador to Czechoslovakia from 1989 to 1992.
Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, who appointed her to the Czechoslovakia post, said Tuesday that he and his wife "mourn the loss of an American icon."
"She captured the affections of millions around the world by her endearing performances on the silver screen as a young girl, but I also admired Shirley for her selfless service to our country later in her life," Bush said in a statement released by his spokesman. "In both roles, she truly lifted people up and earned not only a place in our hearts -- but also our enduring respect.
"Barbara and I send our condolences to Shirley's family and countless fans around the world."
A statement from Temple Black's family members said they "salute her for a life of remarkable achievements as an actor, as a diplomat, and most importantly as our beloved mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and adored wife of fifty-five years of the late and much missed Charles Alden Black."
Enduring icon
She remained a cultural icon for decades after stepping down from the silver screen.
In 1958, she made a comeback as an entertainer, this time on television, in an hourlong show, "Shirley Temple's Storybook."
She later received two lifetime achievement awards for her performing career.
In 1972, Temple Black successfully battled breast cancer.

White’s Run Ends With a Thud Instead of a Gold

KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia — Shaun White stood at the top of the halfpipe, the last contestant of the competition, needing a near-perfect run to capture his third consecutive gold medal at the Winter Olympics. He has built an empire on such moments.

It felt too perfect, too scripted, even by the standards of storytelling that White has inspired. The crowd hushed in anticipation of another command performance.

White sped down the hill and crested the leading edge of the massive halfpipe and began what was sure to be a monumental run. And that is when it happened — a hard landing here, a gasp-inducing bobble there, the dominance of the world’s greatest halfpipe snowboarder slipping away with each diagonal weave downhill.

White ended up in fourth, a placing probably higher than he deserved, ceding the Olympic throne to someone else for the first time since 2002.

“For me to be remembered in the sport, I don’t think tonight makes or breaks my career,” White said. “I’ve been snowboarding for so long, and I love it so much, that I’m happy to take this for what it is and move on and continue to ride.”

It was Iouri Podladtchikov of Switzerland — I-Pod to his friends — who won the gold medal by doing a trick and a run that White and the others could not match.

“It really felt like there was no fighting at all,” Podladtchikov said. “It felt like it was all meant to be. It’s really weird.”

More than anything, the night felt like the edge of a new era. Ayumu Hirano, a 15-year-old from Japan, won the silver medal, and his countryman Taku Hiraoka won bronze. For the first time since the halfpipe was added to the Olympics in 1998, there were no Americans on the podium.

Four Americans were in the 40-man field, and three of them advanced to the 12-man final. But Greg Bretz and Danny Davis, two of the snowboarders who had previously beaten White in a halfpipe competition, each fell on both of their runs. Davis finished 10th, Bretz 12th.

“I hate not landing two runs,” Davis said. “Especially in this event, with such a big crowd and the amount of media here. But, back to normal life, man.”

Davis called White’s fourth-place score “a gift” from judges, and said the result was good for the sport.

“The world knows now that there’s other snowboarders beside Shaun,” Davis said. “It’s great, man. There’s a bunch of good riders in our sport, and they deserve some credit, too.”

Podladtchikov, who grew up in Davos but competed for Russia at the 2006 Turin Games, can sometimes match White’s acrobatics. His Yolo (“You Only Live Once”) flip, 1,440 degrees of rotation that includes two aerial somersaults, was a rare trick that White did not master first.

Podladtchikov landed it perfectly, anchoring a run that was awarded 94.75 points out of 100. The cheering crowd waved Swiss and Russian flags. Podladtchikov moved to Switzerland from Russia when he was 8, and the merging of time and place hit hard.

“I love to be here,” he said. “I love to speak Russian. It’s my mother language, and it reminds me of so many things.”

Six riders had a chance to beat Podladtchikov’s score. Davis was one of them. A near-perfect first run was upended by a stumble in the flat portion of the pipe between the 22-foot walls, a choppy and sugary gutter of uneven snow and ice. (Davis blamed it on a “snow snake.”) His second run was doomed from the start, out of balance until he crashed while landing a trick.

Suspense built with each rider. Hiraoka elevated into second place. The 5-foot-3, 110-pound Hirano is the rare competitor who can launch himself out of the pipe and reach the heights of White, as if filled with helium. His score, 93.5, put him in second place. There was only one competitor left.

White came to Sochi hoping to win two gold medals, having spent a year preparing for the debut of slopestyle, an event he dominated on the snowboarding circuit a decade ago. But after a couple of days of training on the slopestyle course last week, amid concerns over the size and shapes of the jumps, he pulled out to focus on the halfpipe.

The American Sage Kotsenburg won the event.

“The slopestyle course had some issues, and I just felt like my best bet was to focus on the halfpipe,” White said Tuesday. “Then the halfpipe had some issues.”

The night before the competition, some athletes suggested that the event be postponed because of poor conditions and a lack of practice time. Crews worked overnight honing the shape of the pipe, which tilted downhill for about 250 yards. In the hour before the competition, workers sprinkled salt on its surface to get it to melt slightly and refreeze, and they sprayed it with water from large hoses. The result was not perfection but adequacy.

A few, like Davis, took pratfalls in the gutter of the pipe. Others flew above its walls and crashed hard on the deck. Qualifications weeded the unlikely podium crashers out of the contest. A temperature close to freezing during the prime-time finals helped keep the pipe intact.

Afterward, riders were reluctant to place blame on the pipe.

“Everybody had the same pipe to deal with,” Davis said.

White looked down at the pipe through his dark goggles. He had mastered the Yolo flip, and sometimes performed it better than Podladtchikov. With the gold medal on the line, he launched himself into it on the opposite side from where Podladtchikov performed his.

The image was not mirror. White’s board hit the lip of the pipe, bending but not breaking. He somehow stayed on his feet and sped across the pipe for his next trick. By then, his chance at winning a third gold medal was gone.

“I went for big tricks that only Iouri and myself are doing,” White said. “I could have played it safe, I guess, and tried to get in a decent score, but I really wanted to win. We came here on a mission, and it just wasn’t my night, which is really tough to say. It’s a big night.”